Debbie Frye, Spirit Medium


Services include:

Spiritual Mediumship,
Intuitive Angel Card Sessions, and
Small Group Mediumship 



We are all on a Journey

 Guidance and Inspiration Along the Way


Destiny has brought you here to enable us to connect at this time.  I feel honored to have you visit my website. You are looking for answers to your inner most questions.  Life is full of questions and answers and those people that are impacted by both. 


Sometimes in life we arrive at a crossroads and are in need of advice on which path to choose.  After seeking advice from friends, family and loved ones we seem to receive many different opinions.  Much of the time the variety of opinions leaves us more confused than when we first began seeking advice. 


I am here to offer you a neutral opinion and allow you the opportunity to hear from Spirit, your guides, and archangels that are with you and lovingly supporting you on this journey here on Earth and beyond.


As a Medium I am able to sense and feel things that spirit and your angels want to share with me.  I share those impressions with you during your session.  By setting an intention for our time together we are able to partner and allow loved ones to come through with messages of healing, hope, love and guidance.


As a Certified Angel Card Reader I use Angel Cards as a divination tool to share messages with you to help you to find your own way during an intuitive session.


Clients reach out to me for a variety of reasons.  Through my mediumship and intuitive sessions I am able to assist people to discover for themselves that love is eternal and that we are always connected to our loved ones in spirit. 


It is my highest of hopes that I am able to share these messages and words of wisdom with you personally.  You may schedule an appointment via the use of Zoom. (Face-to-Face video interaction)


If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area you may schedule a small group mediumship session where I will personally interact with you and your special group of up to six people in total.  These are special intimate gatherings where we focus on delivering healing, heart-felt messages on a very personal level.  This is the ideal scenario to connect in a loving and sacred space.



When it comes to energy work their are no geographical boundaries.  I work with clients internationally to assist in many aspects of their lives. 


I warmly invite you to connect with me and arrange an appointment via your preferred method. 



Have FUN looking over my website.  I know that you will enjoy the links to other sites that I have provided for you. 


Wishing You Love and Light Always,
Debbie Frye





Debbie's Bio


Debbie Frye is a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive, as well as, a Certified Angel Card Reader. She has studied with James Van Praagh, Thomas John, Lynn Probert,

Andy Byng, Alex J. Hermosillo, Judy Richter and many other incredible mentors. 


Through readings she empowers people and assists them to grow in love, understanding, and wisdom.  Her ultimate wish is to help everyone to connect to the love and energy that is eternal. It is our soul’s most deepest desire.  This is the reason for our existence. 


Angel Cards are a passion of hers and she has a collection of many different decks.  Seeing smiles on her client's faces makes her soul sing. The clarity of the messages that come through the cards helps clients to gain knowledge and understanding of situations that they are experiencing in life.  


Sometimes we are at a cross-roads and simply need some guidance and advice.  By tapping into your guides and guardian angels she is able to assist you with messages that will bring you loving advice and wisdom. 


When we feel our best we are able to live life more comfortably, filled with love and good intentions.


Debbie is looking forward to getting to know many people on this journey called life.  Hopefully your paths will cross soon and you can share some time together.  


Wishing you Abundant Joy, Love, Peace and Harmony!