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"With a grateful heart I welcome you to my website!"

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Like a beautiful diamond, there are many facets to my life.  I am first a loving and devoted wife to my husband, Rob.  Next, I am a mom to my beautiful son and daughter and a grandma to eight beautiful grandchildren.  I am also mom to three incredible cats:  Merlin, Maggie, and Maxine.  Family is very important to me because the individuals closest to us help to ground us, motivate us, and love us throughout our lifetime. It is through those relationships that our true purpose expresses itself.

I still recall the memories of seeing my father go off to work with his briefcase in hand lovingly kissing my mom goodbye each day. We were fortunate to have him home with us much more often than many other working parents.  We were also blessed to have mom home with us all of the time.  It is through those experiences that I learned the importance of cherishing every single moment of each and every day.

It seems as if life passes more quickly the older we become.  Can you relate?  I still remember taking my daughter home from the hospital and just recently she took her fourth little one home with her.  My how time passes!  Being a young grandma is wonderful!  I wish my grandchildren lived closer and I am grateful for facetime and Zoom!

Latest Updates

I focus my time these days by helping people to improve their quality of life by integrating Essential Oils into their homes. I love and cherish our planet and try to teach people about the importance of using mother earth inspired products that make a big impact and are safer for all of us. (It is probably my little soapbox in life.)

I was searching for a "CLEAN MAKEUP" line and I found "Savvy Minerals" created by Young Living Essential Oils.  My daughter, Kim, and I are on this journey together!  It is such an inspiration to share with everyone and it is wonderful to see her learn, grow, and prosper in the process.  

I love to meet new people and create connections that matter and I do so every day with a super-positive attitude and a BIG smile upon my face.  Whatever the reason is that you found my website and am reading this little update I hope that there is some way that I may enrich your life and make it better.  Just reach out and I will enjoy the chance to get to know you better. 

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Wishing you Abundant Joy, Peace, and Harmony,
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