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Testimonials: Testimonial

The reading was above and beyond anything that I had expected. I can't thank Debbie enough for her gift and warmth she brings to everyone. I am in a transition in my life that she was able to immediately sense, and connected to my energy in such a way that brought out my true beliefs and even made me emotional at times. I could feel my grandmother with us, and was told things about her, that I had no idea about. It was only later that I talked with my parents, and found Debbie had been spot on with the details. It was truly an incredible experience and would recommend a reading for anyone in need of guidance, strength, or who wants to feel truly supported and encouraged by Mrs. Frye and her ability to connect with an individual and the spiritual world.
~ Julianna D.

Happy, Fulfilled Clients

What They’re Saying

I pride myself on my excellent services and consider it an honor to do this work. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that my past clients have had, I recommend you take a look at the testimonials below. My clients trust me and have experienced the benefits of working with me. Contact me today and join my satisfied client list.

 "Our session brought me some much-needed peace of mind and I’m experiencing relaxation at a new level. It’s allowing me to spend my energy focusing on the growth of my business instead of wondering if I’m on the right track! I can’t tell you in mere words how much I appreciate the work you do.  YOU are an angel and I’m so grateful we connected." 

~ Debbie G.

"Debbie is such a pleasure to have around. She truly enjoys helping others and it shows. I was a skeptic before I sat with Debbie but she really dove into my heart and brought some peace and assurance to my chaotic life. Thank you Debbie!"

~ Cindi S.

"Debbie Frye is fantastic at her skill. I recently had a reading done for personal curiosity. She was kind enough to do a past, present, and future card reading. This was amazing to me as she was able to determine concepts that there was no way for her to know before we met. She identified current ideas and future experiences that are in the formation process. I believe she has been given a gift, one that she continues to share. If you need to find out, WHY?
Debbie really does know why!"

~ Dara G.

"There are transitional periods in a person's life where no matter how strong, competent, or skilled we are we begin to lose faith that we will come through the darkness intact. Recently I experienced one of those times. Debbie's Angel card reading was remarkable in helping me move to belief and relief. It was spot on in terms of who I really am and what I needed to pay attention to. It gave me focused food for thought where my mind was scattered and racing previous to the reading. It began to restore my sense that things would work out okay - we all say this but I was at a point where I was not believing it. Thank you, Debbie and I highly recommend her readings for fun, peace of mind, and direction."

~ Donna S.

"Thank you so much for the spirit messages. It was so nice to hear you connect with my Grandmother.  Your description of her was so accurate and brought up so many memories and feelings.  It was further confirmation, that as others have told me, she is always with me.  The messages received from you were welcome and affirming for the decisions I have been over-analyzing. Such a blessing to have this reading.  Thank you."

~ Tammy H.

“My reading with Debbie was absolutely amazing!  The personal connections that came up were exactly what I needed to find resolution.  I left the session with a knowing that I am doing what I should be doing and that I am following the right path; my doubts about my decisions were gone.  Debbie is so warm and compassionate – I’m so glad to have met her!”

~Jennifer W.

"I highly recommend Debbie for a reading, even if you are a skeptic.  She was genuine, caring, and on point with the message I received from her.  She has a real gift and my reading with her brought me peace and encouragement."

~ Heather G.

"I had a reading from Debbie and it was "spot on" with where I'm at in my life...and the future is looking bright!" 
~ Karen L. 

“I absolutely loved my session with Debbie! It was very eye-opening and yet the messages came at the perfect time. It has given me guidance and a lot to reflect upon. It is very comforting to know that Debbie is able to do what she does. She has such a lovely demeanor and you can tell she really cares about her clients. I would highly recommend a session with her for guidance, answers, and assistance in all areas that concern you.

You will not be disappointed.”

~ Carolyn P.

"I had a reading with Debbie that I found to be a fascinating and warm experience.  I’d been really curious about having a reading done and knew others that raved about them.  Now I know why.  Some of the things that came out of it were so profound.  I definitely recommend Debbie."

~ Stephanie A.

"Debbie read my cards the other day.  There were some personal & business decisions I had been grappling with lately and the messages in the cards made my direction much clearer.
We visited with the Angel cards as well and I truly think that my Mom & Dad dropped in to say “Hi” and to let me know that they are always with me and continue to be with me
in protection & guidance. 
Debbie’s gifts or talents are her Blessings…I’m glad to see that she can share them with others."

~ Marie N.

"I received an Angel Card Reading as a gift.  I had never considered having a reading before but since I know Debbie I thought it might be fun.  So - I went in with an open mind.  I was amazed at how accurate the reading was and the much-needed advice it gave.  I would recommend that anyone who is looking for advice or an answer to a confusing issue give an Angel Reading a try.  I totally enjoyed the experience and Debbie's professionalism!"

~ Paula A.

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