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Spirit is Ready, are YOU?

So many times when I meet people and they find out that I am a Spirit Medium they are instantly compelled to ask me if "I see anyone around them?" I quickly explain that being a medium and connecting to spirit is sort of like a light switch. Sometimes we turn the switch "on" and sometimes we shut it "off." Doing Angel Card readings is another story! I will often pull a card for someone if I have a deck with me. Tarot Cards are always a hit when I travel!

For instance, if I am going to go to a network meeting of some sort, or the grocery store, doctor's office or some other public place I turn it "Off" so that I can focus on the day-to-day activities that are a part of my life.

I know that many people have seen the T.V. mediums doing random "ambushes" on people at a deli, car wash, party, etc. I personally do my best to never do that for a couple of reasons.

First off, it is dishonorable to spirit and the gifts that we have.

Secondly, I consider myself a professional and as such I work for my clients at their appointments because that is what professionals do. There is always a time and place for everything.

You wouldn't find out someone was a doctor and start listing all of your physical symptoms and expect an on the spot diagnosis, would you? In my profession there are Online Psychic Mediums for that just waiting for you.

So my point to this post is that if you want to make an "appointment" with spirit so that they will show up and so that the medium can share the messages with you than please schedule an appointment and set your intentions for a beautiful session.

Also, and this is important...if you lose a loved one please allow enough time to pass and give yourself a chance to grieve

before trying to connect with them. Even if our loved ones have the ability to connect with us the moment that they cross we are not always ready to hear their messages until we have had time to emotionally accept their passing.

So remember to ask I ready? Spirit will always be there for us. We simply need to be ready to listen!

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