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Generosity-Good for your Heart and Soul

Have you ever thought to yourself "What can I do to be more generous?" Life can seem so busy at times that just sharing a little

bit of our time with others can do the trick. My husband, Rob and I

are in the midst of packing up our home. Our goals is to decrease his daily commute.

While we were busy packing things up today I realized that I had WAY MORE books on my two giant book cases than I thought that I did. You must understand that I have such a LOVE of books and reading that I have collected many over the years.

I still remember getting my very first library card as a little girl. One of my favorite memories was when I operated an Army Stars and Stripes bookstore in Frankfurt, Germany as an adult. I have had this book "Love Affair" for so long.

So we spent a few hours sorting them into a few different piles. One for donations, one for door prizes, and one to keep and be the core for my next collection. (wink) Overall, we cut our pile down to about 30% of what it was originally. We donated literally a couple of hundred books. I have to share with you all that it felt so wonderful to give them to Goodwill because that is where I purchased many of them to begin with as I built my collection. I am hopeful that you may read one of them. So get cozy with a good book this weekend and a good cup of tea or your favorite (adult beverage) and be swept away for a little bit. Give away some of your "stuff" and I guarantee that you will feel great and people will appreciate your generosity!

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