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Do What You Love!

Are you living your passion? Are you doing what you Love? Do you wake up every day excited to embrace what lies ahead? If you begin to fill your day with activities that truly matter to you or make a difference (or both, even better) you will recapture that joy of life.

One of my favorite things to do is to write, create, and share my ideas with the world. Below is an article that I recently submitted for publication to an international woman's magazine. (Wish me luck!) I hope you enjoy reading it and that it makes you smile and that you can relate. Wishing you Abundant Joy, Love and Happiness! ~Debbie

Mindfulness on a Mission

Sooner or Later: Life Discovered

By Debbie Frye

I can still hear the creaking of the wooden screen door milliseconds before it slammed against the basement doorframe of the country club. Little did my 15-year old self know that once I crossed that threshold it would signal the beginning of a 30-year career in the unforgiving and physically demanding restaurant industry.

I truly believe that if every teenager had to work in food service (if only for a little while) you would see a dramatic increase in college applications and the emergence of more entrepreneurs. Such was the case for me. I became a serial entrepreneur! Over the next 30 years I joined over 30 companies in search of the perfect MLM or network marketing breakthrough. I always knew there was a way out…I just never found it until much later in life.

I worked everywhere from truck stops to fine dining and everything in between. I served cocktails, pancakes, and filet mignon. I rose before the first roosters announced morning and worked to see the night sky give way to the sunrise. There were many valuable life lessons yet to learn and I was on the slow and steady route to learning them.

Sometimes life has a unique way of teaching you tenacity, responsibility, and patience. It took me most of my adult life to learn what spirit wanted to show me. There was a lot of praying, crying and soul-searching along the way. I was born with the one thing no one could take from me: a “positive attitude.” That made all the difference. I smiled through most any situation. My sense of humor was my second best friend. Together we could conquer the world or at least the shift! I was that polyester and pantyhose waitress with the positive attitude on a mission knowing that life would get better. I would have to change gears to discover how.

Once I decided to slow down and become more mindful my life changed for the better and it would never be the same again. It was April 23, 2011 and on that day the menu consisted of one man of my dreams. Three years later we would exchange I do’s outside on a beautiful autumn afternoon in a city park in Scottsdale. Under the beautiful oak trees with my friend taking pictures on her cell phone, two other friends serving as witnesses and a shaman officiating. I was off on my new grand adventure with no looking back. Now I serve spirit and reconnect people with loved ones in heaven. I carried these gifts with me when I crossed that threshold all those years ago. It just took the crossing of a different threshold to accept them. Now the special of the day every day is Spirit. I have since parked the tray and driven away and now know that the best tip of them all comes when you find your true-life purpose.

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