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Fabulous Friendships

Today served as a reminder to recognize the importance of friendships in our lives. That sense of belonging that we remember from our childhood. It was important back then, when we were younger, and it is just as important in our adult lives.

I have been networking quite a lot lately and it has both energized and excited me. It has also made me oh so grateful to slip into the covers at night and catch some Zzzzz's.

Today I attended two Awesome networking groups: Business Wake up hosted by SMRBA and NetworkTogether-Gilbert Chapter. I met some incredible people from different walks in life, different ages, and different businesses. What brought us all together was that cherished sense of belonging, acceptance and friendship that we all need in our lives.

One very insightful thing that happened today was an exercise we were asked to do as a group. We all came up with different reasons why we do what we do and how we assist others in that process. I want to share mine with you as it really connected me to my purpose in life.

"I help people to gain knowledge and understanding and feel better emotionally. I help people to understand that our soul goes on. I assist my clients by sharing energetic space and helping them to understand it. I do this because it is my life mission and soul's purpose to impact lives, share love, feel joy and positively model a peaceful and beautiful existence."

As you go about your day remember what it felt like to be young, make friends, and feel the joy of it all. That is what life is all about!

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