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We All Need a Little "Cave Time"

Recently I felt the need to cut back on all of the obligations that make up the colored rainbow on our daily calendars. You know the ones that I am talking about: attendance at networking events, all of those Meetup groups, social occasions, one-on-ones, and the other color-themed appointments that usually dictate our daily schedules and impact our lives so dramatically while living in self-employment land.

It's my personal belief that we all have that desire to hit the "refresh" button in our lives and start anew just like we did when we played all of those board games as children. When the game of "Life" felt like it WAS life (after several grueling hours) and your parents in their best "inside voice" asked you to put away the game for another time. This moment usually occurred as my younger sister had two cars full of kids and I was about to graduate college and have a major payday with my new corporate job. Who knew those were simpler times.

Since when did "Keeping up with the Jones'" become so exhausting? It is no longer about whom can buy a better home or a newer car it is about so much more. It's like a competition of whom can have a bigger rainbow in their personal day runner or digital calendar. I have to put my foot down and grab the neck of that colored unicorn and say "NO MORE!"

Please allow me to catch my breath and retreat into my quiet cave as I pay attention to my beloved husband, two adorable cats and a house that looks like the house-keeper has been living in her own personal cave for the past 6 months. (Now that is a dream...having a housekeeper.)

As I sit before my computer with a sense of snow blindness (as white is the major calendar color on my screen) a big smile comes across my face. I have decided to catch my breath to be a better wife, friend, mom, medium, and person by using the delete key and the white out ribbon.

So as I pair down to the bare essentials and retreat to become a better version of myself I am hopeful that more of you will also do the same. Dare to put yourself first as you put some other things on the back burner knowing full well that when you decide to add more colors to your life there will be a new rainbow waiting for you on the other side.

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