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Here's Your Change Miss

How many times have we made perfectly good plans just to have to change them as we move through our day? It happens to all of us from time to time. I know that I like to believe I have a magic wand I can wave to rule my calendar. I try to plan out my day’s appointments, my personal appearances, and my social calendar. As a group of amazing and successful women we like to think that we have everything lined up perfectly, and then something called life happens. How do you respond? Do you actually react negatively or are you calm through the process allowing change to roll off of you like water on a duck’s back? One approach raises your stress level while the other is friendlier to your mind and body.

Reducing our stress levels is one of the most responsible things that we can do to take care of ourselves. Our thoughts are a great place to start. If we plan ahead and think about options for those plan B’s before we actually need to then we are that much further ahead. Better yet, when we have the expectation that things will go along smoothly then they usually do. Set your intentions for a positive outcome and most of the time that is the result you will receive.

If we look at change as coins in our pocket rather than a life-altering occurrence we approach things from a different perspective. We should welcome change rather than dread everything about it. Change is an opportunity to explore how to do things differently and quite possibly more efficiently. So embrace change, welcome it into your life and look at it as an opportunity that brings peacefulness and ease to your day.

Imagine what would happen if we all started to do things differently on purpose. We could start with simple things like driving to work on a different route, sitting somewhere new, reading different kinds of books, watching different kinds of television shows and movies. We may actually discover that we enjoy things we never thought that we would. Think about the positive impact that would have on our lives!

When we begin to feel change more often we are then able to look at it in a new light. We develop the ability to shift our awareness and we more readily respond proactively bringing positive emotions from the experience into our day. This will bring more joy into our lives and that in and of itself is a wonderful thing.

Life is like a menu my friends. We don’t have to order everything on the menu to be satisfied. We get to pick and choose what sounds good to us at that very moment. So with menu in hand go out and face your day knowing that rather than ordering your usual you could try the “special of the day” and be surprisingly delighted with the change!

Wishing you all Abundant Joy, Debbie Frye

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