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The Curve Ball

Just when we think that we have it all figured out life seems to throw us a curve ball or two. I am so glad that I was once a catcher on a coed softball team. That experience has served me well when

needing to deal with the unexpected circumstances of life. Let’s face it, there are times when the unexpected happens and we are caught off guard. Luckily there are great catchers mitts out there.

Growing up I was always a tomboy. I loved to be outside and I would run everywhere and spend endless hours in nature. That fascination is still with me today and I consider every day to be a gift full of possibilities. One of my favorite memories was having my nana live with us during my teenage years. I would talk to her about all of my feelings and emotions as I was navigating through the boy issues, fashion fiascos, and questions that young girls have while growing up. I could bare my soul to her and she always

had such beautiful wisdom to share with me. I cherished those conversations because I truly enjoyed listening to everything that she had to say. I loved her so much and admired her strength.

The adventure of living with 9 other siblings was great material. Clothes were washed on a washboard by hand back then. Nana would talk about the washing and drying challenges keeping everyone clothed. The amount of sheer backbreaking labor it took from sun up to sun down was a way of life for her entire family.

She lived through the great depression and appreciated everything that she had because of it.

I have always kept those stories in the back of my mind. My husband and I are empty nesters with the exception of our two cat fur babies Merlin and Maggie. We thought that things were pretty settled around here and now the opportunity has come for us to assist my younger sister. I want to love, protect, and guide

her through some challenging times in life because that is what sisters do.

She lives in another state currently and has for more than 20 years. We hope to have her come and live with us. I want to be that big sister that will always be there to try to make life easier on her. I hope to fill her life with positivity and joy. She always says that Murphy has it easy compared to her and that she has the worst luck of anyone that she knows. It is my hope that through love and kindness she will know how special she is and how much she matters to me. If this is my only accomplishment in life that truly makes a difference I will have lived a beautiful and wonderful life by giving her advice and guidance like my nana did for us all of those years ago.

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