Eat to Live

Let’s face it food is a part of our daily lives! It’s something that we think about each and every day. For some of us it’s a guiding force, for some a compulsion, while others forget to eat until they feel hunger pains. I am a foodie of sorts and have been a part of each of the aforementioned groups. Having worked in the restaurant industry for over 30 years and experiencing such a broad variety of cuisine my palate is fairly diverse. However, looking at a menu almost always paralyses me. Choices abound every time we allow ourselves to experience a new restaurant or a unique type of food that perhaps we have never tasted before.

Recently I made a conscientious decision to change my lifestyle to more of a plant-based eating plan. I have eaten and lived through food choices as a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan and also as a raw foodist. What I have personally experienced is that I think more clearly and feel more alive when I eat foods that are plant-based, fresh and delicious.

Each of us has to decide what is best for us as we load our plates and sit down to give our bodies the fuel they need to thrive and survive. I would encourage you to really bring a sense of mindfulness as you make these important decisions each day. Food is something that we all need to consume to stay alive and to increase our vitality. If I could share some words of encouragement here it would be to choose organic every chance you get. Choose fresh ingredients that you can pronounce rather than processed ones. Take time to prepare and plan and you will begin to truly enjoy the process of giving your body nourishment. Plus preparing your own food personally can be fun. If you prefer to dine out, look for new venues that offer fresh ingredients. A farm to table approach is a great option. The flavor speaks for itself.

Imagine what your life would look like if you started with just one meal a day loaded with fresh plant-based ingredients. Take your time eating as you enjoy each and every bite. Get your family members involved by visiting a local farmer’s market and choosing a rainbow of colors to put on your plate.

Enjoy water more often by selecting it as your beverage of choice. We all need to drink more water to help our bodies to run at their optimal best.

Keep a food journal and write down how you feel after eating certain foods. Take things one day at a time and look for improvements not perfection. Each day we get a chance to make a fresh start. Food can be so exciting and delicious. It’s up to us to make the process of feeding our body, mind and soul a joyful one!

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