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Once Upon a Time

Sometimes our lives seem like a ride on a tilt-a-whirl spinning quickly while we hang on for dear life. At other times they seem like a kiddie ride at an amusement park. We find ourselves wondering which ride to stand in line for with our batch of tickets in hand. When we were children we spent long days playing with our friends, enjoying conversations, taking family vacations, and enjoying life. We were unaffected by the day turning into night and bedtime coming once again since it was the same routine all of the time. We would arise the next day ready to go after it just like the day before filled with awe and anticipation.

Where did that attitude go? As busy women, wives, and mothers every moment seems to zip by and we often have more on our to do lists than we have hours in the day to cross things off of it. Sometimes we feel defeated the moment the alarm clock beeps and our feet haven’t even hit the floor yet. So do we have less time in our days than our successful time-management rock star friends? Of course not! We have all been guilty of putting too much pressure on ourselves and this article serves as a gentle reminder to rekindle that childhood feeling in all of us.

As I write this article I have to share with you what a wonderful day I had today. It was the day of the Royal Wedding in Britain, with Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle. I had rescheduled a session with a client and had recorded the festivities to watch once I finished up. It’s Saturday, a day I don’t normally see clients, but this was a rescheduled appointment with a wonderful client. So I watched what I could, wanting to continue to watch and knowing I had to make that house call. Life sort of prioritizes things for us. Once my appointment was finished, I ran a couple of errands and crossed a few more things off my list. It was an exciting drive home knowing that my husband was waiting for me and so were the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Today was like reliving those stories that started with Once Upon a Time. It’s funny how much we enjoy those simple pleasures in life.

When I looked at my calendar late this evening I realized that this article was due tomorrow. Make that today, since the clock just struck past midnight. There’s no glass slipper here but I did find my prince! After the day I experienced I don’t mind burning the midnight oil so hopefully some of you can smile reading this article. I love writing and I encourage you to find what feeds your soul. When you find the joy in life the time constraints have less impact. Life is all about being happy and making every single day count! So grab that ticket and ride that ride!

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