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Our Furry Friends

Unconditional love, companionship, and laughter are just some of the amazing experiences given to us as we share our lives with our faithful and furry companions. Whether you prefer a dog or cat, life with these little ones is never dull or uneventful. Every day brings new discoveries and experiences. From their little quirks to their daily routines our pets help to bring balance to our busy lives. Waking up to their wagging tails or having them sleep in our laps and purr with contentment our best friends are always delighting us and showing us affection. They greet us after a long day and want nothing more than to share love and their adoration with us. Well, perhaps their food bowl is empty or some other ulterior motive may be at work.

More than likely, they are just super excited to have us home with them again.

My two cats, Merlin and Maggie are like kids to my husband and myself. As empty nesters our cats bring so many joyful moments to our lives. They each have completely different personalities. Merlin is just like my husband, Rob. He is calm, peaceful, friendly and sweet. Maggie being more like me is talkative, energetic, and playful. They joined our family a few years ago and are best friends to one another. It’s so neat to see them explore, play and frolic. They use the inside of our home as their playground. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If this is home for them for the next decade or so then it is up to us to make it as entertaining and cat-friendly as possible.

To say that they are spoiled would be an understatement! They have two cat subscriptions that come to our home each month. New toys, treats, and hours of entertainment are always just a doorbell ring away. Every package that enters our home is sniffed out to determine if catnip is inside or if a new toy is ready to jump out of the box. It’s so hilarious to have them investigate each package wondering if it’s addressed to them. Merlin is excited just to receive the paper packaging as his favorite crinkle sounding plaything. Maggie pulls at the tape with her teeth trying to liberate the cat toys inside of the box.

From the bubbling waterfall fountain to the ergonomic cat food feeders these guys have it made in the shade. Their carpet-covered scratching posts and randomly placed cozy blankets along with the obstacle course of cat toys left on the floor make it look more like toddlers live here rather than cats. It’s truly laughable how much they take center stage. This is what life looks like when the kids are grown and the grand kids live in another state. Your furry friends are your kids, companions and soul mates! Maggie is meowing at my feet for some attention so duty calls. This is the life of a cat mom!

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