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Suggestions for a Positive Reading

  • L   

  • O

  • V

  • E

Let's look at the word LOVE and take each letter one at a time to assist you in making your session the very best that it can be:

The "L" in Love stands for LET SPIRIT LEAD!

Allowing for the flow of information to happen will ensure that your session remains fluid like cool water slips past the rocks in a babbling brook.  The more fluid and open that you remain the easier it will be for information to come through from Spirit.  By "going with the flow" the messages will come through effortlessly. 

The "O" in Love stands for Open Yourself Up!


The more open you are the more messages are likely to come through. Please prepare yourself by finding a comfortable space and relaxing before your appointment.  Meditation is a great way to achieve this.  Debbie will lead an opening prayer and a short guided meditation to assist this process. You will want to prepare yourself both emotionally and physically.  Get plenty of rest before and after your session and be sure to stay hydrated.  Also, please do not eat a big meal before your appointment.  You want to feel light and refreshed as you begin your session.

The "V" in Love stands for Voyage with Spirit!

On this Voyage Spirit is 100% in control of what comes through.  If you focus on being open and placing your intentions on truly opening your heart and mind to the process you will have a beautiful experience.  Debbie will instruct you as to how she works with Spirit and your session will be recorded so you will not need to worry about remembering everything or taking notes.  Your focus will be on the messages that come through and you will validate the evidence as the messages come through.  Spirit loves to be heard and recognized.  In many cases this is their first opportunity to come through and they are looking forward to doing so.

The "E" in Love stands for Evidence of Continued Consciousness!

The purpose of mediumship is to connect people with their loved ones that have crossed over to the spirit world.  It is proof that people need to know that consciousness continues and our soul truly does go on after we leave our physical body.  Our loved ones never truly leave us, and they do see what takes place in our lives long after they "Graduate to Heaven." 

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